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Hydro Jetting Service

Hydro Jetting Services

Got plugged sewer or storm drains? Give us a call at 604 596 0131 to ask about our hydro jetting service before your backed up drains turns into a major disaster costing you lots of money in restoration costs. As a preventive measure, scheduling regular hydro jetting of your interior and exterior drainage lines in a good investment as it will keep your lines clean and help limit major blockages in the future.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water that removes years of build-up on the inside walls of your pipes. There is no better way to get your pipes draining as well as the day they were installed, short of replacing them completely. SWR Drain Service Ltd. uses hydro jetting when clearing clogged pipes and performing scheduled maintenance. Hydro jetting is a highly efficient and effective way of clearing drains requiring dislodging blockages and other debris in the line.

Hydro jetting consists of a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle connected to a machine that creates a high pressure water stream that dislodges debris and clears the drain. The high pressure water hose is forced down the drain where it pushes grease, mineral build-up, hair and other debris through the drain. Our hydro jetters are capable of taking on residential and commercial projects. We are able to adjust the PSI (water pressure) and litres per minute to safely clean your drains. Before and/or after using a hydro jetter, our plumbers can perform a video inspection on the drain with a small camera to determine where the blockage is located and if the pipe is damaged.

When Do I Need a Hydro Jetting Service?

Hydro jetting is best suited to remove grease and/or dirt, rocks and other debris commonly found in home, strata and commercial building drainage and plumbing systems.

There are signs that you need to contact us about our hydro jetting service.

Signs You Need a Hydro Jetting Service

Sanitary/sewer line issues:

The sewer/sanitary line in your home or building is the path that the sewage takes to get to the City sewer system or your septic tank.

  • Your kitchen and bathroom drains back up or are slow to drain.
  • You can smell sewage.
  • Your toilet frequently gets clogged.
  • You have tried using a traditional snake to clear the line but it is still clogged.
  • You tried snaking in the past but the line keeps clogging.
  • You notice you have multiple areas in the house or building with sewage backing.
  • You start to see water backing up.

Rainwater drainage issues:

On your property there are rain gutters and perimeter drainage which direct rain water to the City storm sewer lines.

  • Flooding in your yard when it rains heavily.
  • Roots infiltrating your perimeter drainage system causing the pipe to burst.

What are Hydro Jetting Services Best For?

Hydro jetting services can be used by home owners, commercial buildings and strata complexes to solve drainage line backups and as a preventive measurement in your home or building maintenance plan.

Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines

  • Residential sewer drain cleaning.
    • Residential lines including laundry room sink, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub and your underground sewer lines become clogged with grease, cooking oil, leftover food pieces, soap residue and other sediment stuck to the wall of the sanitary lines.
  • Commercial sewer drain cleaning.
    • Commercial buildings also require sewer drain cleaning. While there may not be a laundry room or bathtubs in these buildings, you still have bathroom sinks, toilets, soap residue and the possibility of grease building up in your sewer lines.

Hydro Drain Jetting Service

  • Exterior perimeter drainage cleaning.
    • Whether you have a residential building, commercial building or are a homeowner, Hydro jetting with our specialized cutting tools attached can get through roots within your perimeter drainage system.
  • Interior drainage cleaning.
    • The rain water drainage for your building or strata may run through the interior of your building down to the basement or parking level where it connects to the building drainage system exiting the building. These drain lines carry all the needles and leaves that managed to get into your roof drains through the building and out to the City system. Starting at the roof drains, we can clear your interior drainage with out hydro jetting equipment, clearing any leaves or needles that might have stuck to the piping.

Drainage Repair & Maintenance

Once the pipes are running clear we can then have a better view with the video camera to see it there are any deficiencies within the system. We also have specialized nozzles that can scour years of grease build up, remove tree roots and even concrete if that has been washed down your drain. When you tend to have blocked drains on a regular basis we can let you know if a regular maintenance is a good idea to then avoid any costly damage and/or insurance claims. This is not only a good idea for multi-family dwellings but also for the common single family house systems.

Got clogged drains? Call SWR Drain Service Ltd. today at 604 596 0131 to arrange a hydro jetting service appointment for your home or building.

SWR Drain Service Ltd. – Your hydro jet drain cleaning specialists.

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