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Perimeter Drain Repair

Perimeter Drainage System Repair

Are you seeing signs that you may need your perimeter drain system repaired or replaced? Indicators you have a perimeter drain system issue are a wet basement or flooding. The sooner you have us check your perimeter drainage system for problems the less expensive it will be in the long run. Upon inspection we will be able to determine if a localized perimeter drain repair or a full perimeter drainage system replacement is required.

24 Hour Emergency Drain Repair & Cleaning

If you find yourself in need of an emergency drain repair or emergency drain cleaning the staff at SWR Drain Service Ltd. are only a phone call away. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our own staff. Call us at 604 596 0131 to have our drainage specialist dispatched as soon as possible.

Determine If a Perimeter Drain Repair is Required

Our first task when you call SWR Drain Service Ltd. about your perimeter drainage system is locate the source of the water leak or flooding. To determine if a perimeter drain repair is required we use our video inspection camera to perform a perimeter drain inspection. The camera is inserted into the access point of your perimeter drainage system then follows the pipes as they are laid out around your home or building. On the monitor attached to the video camera we can see if there are any breaks or obstructions in the drainage system.

Causes of Damage to Perimeter Drain Systems

After we have inspected your perimeter drainage system we will be able to tell you the cause of the damage to your system. While inspecting your perimeter drains we can detect if:

  • There is some kind of blockage or build up of sediment in the perimeter drain system.
  • The line draining your storm water off the property (“sump outlet line” in most cases) is not getting to the City storm system due to damage and/or blockage.
  • Your sump pump(s) are not enough capacity for the amount of water it/they need to pump out of the system or if it/they are broken.

Perimeter Drain Repair Service

Once the perimeter drain line inspection is complete, you will be given a quotation of what your options are to repair the drain system. We have all the equipment needed including power snake, hydro jetting equipment, excavation equipment plus the drainage expertise to choose the right methods required.

Home Drain System

For home owners, our perimeter drainage inspection service to inspect your home drain system usually takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours. If there is a lot of sediment or the foundation is larger in size, we may need longer time to address and solve the problem.

When it comes to large homes it is common to have inspection point clean outs installed to assure the entire perimeter can be maintained. The benefit is you can easily view the perimeter drain and make sure the drains are at proper depth and the storm water is flowing.

If you require perimeter drain cleaning or repair we will require access to the outlet which is usually found in a concrete sump located in front of the residence, close to the downhill side of the property. If you have an older house that does not have this type of sump, we will need to find the outlet to flush the system and then a sump can be installed for future access. It is common that the outlet corner is unknown or the concrete sump has been landscaped over and now it’s location is unknown. We use the latest technology and have a variety of ways to help you find out how your system is working.

Perimeter Drainage Commercial and Multiple-Family Dwellings

Before starting the perimeter drain flush it would be ideal if there are building plans available or knowledge of the storm sewer system to reduce the troubleshooting time of the building’s perimeter drainage system. If building plans are not available we are still able to address the problems and determine if an inspection chamber or basic clean out install is necessary or not – an inspection chamber for a perimeter system is a service unique to our company. There are also times we may recommend a seperate sump installation for a more efficient way of flushing the system and removing sediment. Once an inspection chamber or secondary sump is installed you will be able to troubleshoot the system on your own and then call SWR if necessary.

Perimeter Drain System Maintenance

On completion of your perimeter drain repair or replacement we will advise you on the appropriate maintenance schedule for your property:

  • Number of times per year we recommend you have the drains cleaned.
  • What future perimeter drain system improvements to plan for in the future.
  • Yearly or bi-yearly inspections.

The SWR Drain Service Ltd. team has handled many home owner, commercial, and strata building projects of all sizes. We take a great deal of pride in the work we do and we strive to do it right the first time. Give us a call today to discuss your perimeter drain repair project at 604 596 0131.

SWR Drain Service Ltd. – Perimeter drain repair experts in Metro Vancouver since 1970

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