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Langley Plumber

SWR Drain Service Ltd. has provided plumbing and drain services since 1970 in Langley, Fort Langley and surrounding areas. Our 24/7 service hours makes it possible for our plumbing and drainage experts to take care of any emergencies, repairs or maintenance your perimeter drainage or plumbing requires.

Langley Plumbing Services

  • 24/7 Emergency plumbing services in Langley – Your emergency service call will be answered by our staff personally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of your home or building plumbing and drainage emergencies.
  • Water leaks – Water leaks should be fixed as soon as you find them as they usually just get worse over time. The best course of action is to call SWR Drain Service Ltd. to have the leak repaired as soon as possible.
  • Frozen pipe repair – We do not get too cold here on the West Coast therefore people forget about keeping their pipes protected against freezing. If you have frozen pipes we can defrost, repair or replace frozen pipes plus prepare you against future freezing.
  • Water pressure issues – Water pressure issues can be caused by low and high pressure in your water lines. Both of these water pressure issues can cause water pipe damage, water wastage and water leaks resulting in expensive damage to your home, commercial building or strata building.
  • Hot water tank replacement Langley – Avoid the common headaches when a hot water heater fails. We will initially see if the issue can be repaired. If a repair is not the right answer we will suggest the right solution for a new water heater installation.
  • Septic tank cleaning Langley – If your Langley property is still using a septic tank it may need repair. We have several methods to locate your septic tank and it’s septic field, find any breaks, check for improper slopes or locate tree roots that have caused shifts or changes in the line of your septic tank. Once the septic tank is located, we review its condition and consider the correct course of repair on budget.
  • Trenchless water line replacement Langley – It is critical to keep water lines in good working order to prevent leaks on both residential and commercial properties. After locating and examining your water line we can make recommendations on replacement of old, corroded pipes with new ones made from modern, safer materials, repair leaks, improve the pressure of the water entering your property and relocate the water line if it is not installed below the freeze line to prevent pipe freezing during the winter.

Langley Drain Cleaning

  • Trenchless sewer line cleaning, repair and replacement Langley – Sewage backing up into toilets/sinks or tubs, slow draining tubs, showers etc. or a smell or gurgling coming from your toilet, sinks and other drains are signs your sewer drainage system needs attention. SWR Drain Service Ltd. can use video inspection equipment to locate and inspect the problem before digging or opening up your walls. Once assessed we will make recommendations on whether drain cleaning, power snaking, repair or replacement of the sewer line is required.
  • Drain cleaning Langley – Keep your plumbing and drainage system in optimum health with regular drain cleaning to avoid the high cost of floods or pipes bursting at the most inconvenient times.
  • Perimeter drain cleaning Langley – Have us check your perimeter drainage system for problems before they happen. Upon inspection we will be able to determine if a localized repair or a full replacement is required.

Advanced Plumbing and Drainage Services

In addition to the plumbing and drain services we mentioned above SWR Drain Service Ltd. also offers advanced location, cleaning and system viewing:

  • Hydro jetting Langley – Ask us about our hydro jetting service before backed up drains turns into a major disaster. As a preventive measure, schedule regular hydro jetting of interior and exterior drainage lines to keep the lines clean and help limit major blockages in the future.
  • Video inspection Langley – Leaks and clogs are hard to detect with the naked eye. Through the use of video inspection cameras complete with locator technology our video inspection services can economically identify the cause of your perimeter drainage and sewer drainage issues by finding causes of leaky pipes, slow drains, backed up toilets and perimeter drain issues.

Preventative maintenance and inspection plans can also be arranged for your Langley home, strata or commercial property.

Buying or listing a home? SWR Drain Service Ltd. offers a plumbing and drainage inspection service for Langely home buyers and sellers to compliment your home inspection.

Call SWR Drain Service Ltd. today at 604 596 0131 when looking for plumbers in Langley. One of our friendly staff will gladly help you with your emergency or general plumbing or drainage service request.

SWR Drain Service Ltd. – Providing 24/7 emergency Langley plumbing services since 1970

  • Testimonials

    2 generations of great service

    For over 40 years my family has called on SWR for all of our plumbing and drainage work. The same reliability my father could trust was passed down to the next generation.  Long standing quality and great service!

    Don White
    Always prompt for any job

    Working in the restoration industry, it is important to have fast, reliable and competitively priced plumbers.  I would recommend SWR for any job, large or small.  Their 24 hour service is always prompt, and I know that the home-owners are grate...

    Restoration Professional – Surrey, BC
    For Owners and Landlords

    As an owner and landlord of several commercial and residential properties, there are numerous plumbing and drainage issues that I must deal with. For over ten years, when these issues arise, I know that I can make one telephone call to remedy the ...

    Surrey/White Rock
    For over 15 years

    We have used SWR drain service for over 15 years. We bought a new house and after only 3 years our two sanitary sump pumps ceased. The SWR crew replaced the pumps and we have not had any problems in well over ten years now.

    When we had a mo...

    Steve & Helene
    I'm a general contractor

    As a general contractor for a variety of projects, there are always a number of unpredictable issues that may present themselves during the course of a project.  As a result it is important for me to work with specialized sub-contractors who are ...

    Gord Nielson
    General Contractor, RTZ Construction

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