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Burnaby Drainage Company – Burnaby Plumbers

Providing drain services and plumbing services to North and South Burnaby since 1970, SWR Drain Service Ltd.’s team of expert plumbers and drain specialists are available 24 hours a day to handle your emergency plumbing and drainage issues as well as regular general plumbing needs your home, strata or commercial building require. Give us a call at 604 596 0131 to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly office staff.

24 Hr Emergency Plumber Burnaby

Need an emergency plumber in Burnaby? Give SWR Drain Service Ltd. a call at 604 596 0131. We have service technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are just a phone call away.

  • Emergency Plumber Burnaby – 24 hour emergency plumber services available 7 days a week for home owners, property managers and commercial buildings.

Burnaby Plumber

SWR Drain Service Ltd. also provides general plumbing services in the Burnaby area:

  • General plumbing repair Burnaby – Any of the day to day plumbing repairs you require.
  • Water leaks – Water leaks can cause expensive damage if not taken care of immediately. We can examine your piping without first making unnecessary holes using our locator and video inspection equipment.
  • Pipe freeze Burnaby – It does not happen often that a pipe will freeze in Burnaby but when you discover your pipe(s) have frozen we can defrost and repair it for you and suggest preventative measures so this does not happen again.
  • Hot water tank repair in Burnaby – When your hot water tank stops working or starts leaking we can assess the situation then recommend a hot water tank repair or replacement.
  • Water pressure – If you are finding that the water pressure in your home or building does not seem right (be too low or too high) it needs attention. Leaving a water pressure issue too long can result in costly general repairs to your home or building.
  • Water line repair and replacement Burnaby – Noticed some leaks, low water pressure or yard flooding? This could mean that the water line servicing your property needs to be repaired or replaced. After locating the problem our experienced technician can make recommendations on whether a water line repair is suitable or whether a total trenchless water line replacement is required.
  • Septic system services – Still using a septic tank system on your Burnaby property? SWR Drain Service Ltd. has several methods we can use to locate your septic tank and septic field, locate any breaks or clogs in the lines, determine if the system is sloped properly or if tree roots have entered the lines, thus interfering with the function of your septic system.

Burnaby Drainage Company

Looking for a Burnaby drainage company for your home, commercial property or strata? SWR Drain Service Ltd. provides a number of drain services:

  • Drain cleaning Burnaby – Keep your plumbing and drainage systems in optimum operating condition with our Burnaby drain cleaning services to avoid the high repair costs of pipe bursting or flooding.
  • Sewer cleaning Burnaby, trenchless sewer line repair and replacement – – Noticed slow draining from your sinks, tubs or showers? Heard gurgling coming from your pipes? These are signs that your sewer line system is in need of cleaning, repair or replacement. We have various advanced tools available to determine what and where the problem is before digging or opening up any walls to repair or replace the sewer line. We can also determine is just a good cleaning with our hydro jetter is the best way to correct the problem.
  • Perimeter drain repair, replacement and maintenance – Check your perimeter drain system now before any serious problems happen. After our inspection of your perimeter drainage system with our video inspection equipment we will be able to tell you if you already have a problem, a problem is brewing, a localized repair is required or if a full replacement is required. As a maintenance task to prevent problems occurring after inspection, we can recommend a maintenance schedule for your perimeter drain cleaning.

Other Burnaby Plumbing and Drain Services

SWR Drain Service Ltd. has two overlapping services for plumbing and drains. These two services can be used to clean and determine problems with your plumbing or drainage systems:

  • Burnaby Hydro jetting – Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water that removes years of build-up on the inside walls of the pipes therefore it is a highly efficient and effective way of clearing drains requiring dislodging of blockages and other debris in the line. It can also be used by home owners, commercial buildings and strata complexes as a preventive measurement in your home or building maintenance plan.
  • Video pipe inspection – Our high resolution video inspection cameras include line transmitters and receiver instruments to transmit the exact location of water lines, water mains, drain lines, man holes, clean outs and septic tanks which eliminate any guesswork regarding location thus reducing damage and time needed if repair is required.

Home Owner, Commercial Property and Property Management Services in Burnaby

  • Preventative maintenance and inspections – SWR Drain Service Ltd. check your perimeter drainage system and plumbing system for problems before they happen. After inspection we can recommend if a localized repair or a full replacement is required immediately or if you should budget for a repair in the future.

Buying or listing a home in Burnaby?

For home buyers and sellers in Burnaby SWR Drain Service Ltd. offers a plumbing and drainage inspection service to compliment your home inspection.

Call SWR Drain Service Ltd. today at 604 596 0131. Our friendly staff will gladly help you with your emergency or general plumbing or drainage service request.

SWR Drain Service Ltd. – The Burnaby plumbing company to call for all your plumbing and drain services.

  • Testimonials

    2 generations of great service

    For over 40 years my family has called on SWR for all of our plumbing and drainage work. The same reliability my father could trust was passed down to the next generation.  Long standing quality and great service!

    Don White
    Always prompt for any job

    Working in the restoration industry, it is important to have fast, reliable and competitively priced plumbers.  I would recommend SWR for any job, large or small.  Their 24 hour service is always prompt, and I know that the home-owners are grate...

    Restoration Professional – Surrey, BC
    For Owners and Landlords

    As an owner and landlord of several commercial and residential properties, there are numerous plumbing and drainage issues that I must deal with. For over ten years, when these issues arise, I know that I can make one telephone call to remedy the ...

    Surrey/White Rock
    For over 15 years

    We have used SWR drain service for over 15 years. We bought a new house and after only 3 years our two sanitary sump pumps ceased. The SWR crew replaced the pumps and we have not had any problems in well over ten years now.

    When we had a mo...

    Steve & Helene
    I'm a general contractor

    As a general contractor for a variety of projects, there are always a number of unpredictable issues that may present themselves during the course of a project.  As a result it is important for me to work with specialized sub-contractors who are ...

    Gord Nielson
    General Contractor, RTZ Construction
    50 years and counting

    It is not often that a customer can reflect on a company that provides prompt service at reasonable rates for five decades, but I certainly can.  I have used SWR Drain Service for the past 50 years when John Kubus, the company’s founder, took c...

    Ray Davies
    White Rock

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