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For Owners and Landlords

As an owner and landlord of several commercial and residential properties, there are numerous plumbing and drainage issues that I must deal with. For over ten years, when these issues arise, I know that I can make one telephone call to remedy the problems. And, that call is to SWR Drain Service, whose responsiveness whether the service needed is at 3 a.m. or 3 p.m. is handled quickly, efficiently and professionally. When I call the office I feel as though they take all the weight off my shoulders with any plumbing or drainage problem and are sincere with their “we will look after it” that I know I am in good hands.

I have personally met many of the plumbers and technicians on site, and have never been anything but impressed with their knowledge, expertise and their endless patience with answering my many questions. I respect and trust this company to such a degree, that I now tell the tenants to call SWR directly if I am unavailable. For me, SWR extends the services that I need to provide as little disruption as possible to my tenants so they have become my vendor of choice.